Abnormally Abbey by Allan Evans

Book Synopsis

14-year-old Abbey has always been a spook magnet. Dead people are drawn to her—which is not nearly as glamorous as it sounds. Summer camp has brought new extremes as an escalating series of paranormal incidents make it clear a message is being sent. As Abbey and her new friends are fighting to stay alive, the message reveals a life-changing secret. That is, if she can trust the message—kind of like trusting the safety message from the shop teacher with missing fingers. Abbey is not a happy camper.


Abnormally Abbey is a Young Adult book that explores the Supernatural side of things. Abbey Hill is a 14 year old girl that can see/interact with ghosts, which can seem a little weird to those around her.

This is a really easy read, and a great starter for those that are encouraging their teens to explore their imaginations. The pace of the book is fairly fast and introduces new charterers quickly. There are points in the story that some of the plot seems a little breezed over or rushed to finish the chapter, however that is something only well-seasoned reader would notice.

This would make a wonderful series book, and the reader would have the ability to grow up alongside Abbey as she undergoes more adventures (should that be on the cards)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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