Winterly by Jeanine Croft

One of my favourite new author find this year, a dark captivating PNR that has left me wanting more!

Book Synopsis

Penny Dreadful meets Northanger Abbey with a dark peppering of Twilight in this sultry odyssey of gaslit underworlds seething with masquerades, mystery, and romance.

Something dark is prowling the gaslit streets of London—a monster with a taste for the blood of young women. When her beloved sister is attacked by an unearthly creature, Emma Rose finds herself in a contract of exchange for her life that defies all laws of heaven. A contract with a vampire.

Her world is torn apart and the reality she had known and believed in is revealed to be a facade, just like the masks of a midnight vampyre ball; a mask worn by Markus Winterly, the inimitable viscount and master of Winterthurse. Whether demon, vampyre, or monster, Emma discovers that these names are just facets to an ancient being who defies mortal comprehension. Spanning centuries, lifetimes, and the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, Winterly takes her on a journey of self discovery where Emma awakens to the truth of her identity at last, and she comes to learn that the line separating light and dark is as tenuous as her humanity.

When she surrenders to the call of her blood, she finds where she belonged all along. And it was never in London, or even heaven, but in the arms of the devil himself.


Thank you Netgallery for lining me up with this author, Croft speaks my PNR language! Captivating story telling I am whisked into the world of vampire, werewolves and witches, dark and moody you see the world through Emma’s eyes. There is more to her that one might initally expect, but Croft kept me hooked the whole time. I confess a couple of times the MC did annoy me with her piety, but that is it. She has such strong beliefs, yet she is curious – an adventuress.

I appreciated that Croft didn’t rush the story, I got to know a little more about the supporting characters who I can see may have books of their own (hopefully). Beautifully written I enjoyed the development of the MC’s relationship. If you like suspense romance, then this is for you. Along with magnificent fight sense that leave you gripping the edge of your seat then you are not to be disappointed.

Well done, utterly triumph in my book. Waiting it baited breathe for the next one.

Rating: 5/5

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